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    Joint Design and Manufacturing

    We invest in leading-edge product roadmaps and design capabilities aligned with market standards and emerging technologies. We deliver customized solutions for the communications, enterprise and cloud, and smart energy markets, helping you reach your markets faster, while reducing design costs and building valuable IP for your product portfolios.

    Communications - collaborative white box design


    With software defined networking, network function virtualization and hyperscale data centres, the communications market is transforming. Technology is evolving and Celestica’s JDM solutions are focused on helping you win. Our collaborative process can be leveraged for partial design or enable an entire product family, delivering solutions that reach across data centre, WAN, access and premise applications.

    With commercialized networking solutions in 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G, our leading-edge, high performance hardware will get you to market first while reducing your R&D spend.

    JDM - Tout 2 - Enterprise and Cloud

    Enterprise and Cloud

    Big data and cloud computing are driving significant change in the enterprise market. We understand the value of enterprise-class and the necessity of Cloud-optimized solutions, and we can help you deliver hardware that is scalable, highly reliable, cost efficient and sustainable.?

    Our hardware solutions for enterprise and cloud applications include next-generation storage, converged racks and hyperconverged enclosures that support the evolution of the data centre.

    Smart energy - we enable intelligent, reliable and flexible smart energy product solutions

    Smart Energy

    Energy infrastructure is evolving into adaptive, intelligent and connected networks. Powering these networks requires unique smart energy products that can meet the industry’s rapidly changing requirements.

    Celestica enables intelligent, reliable and flexible smart energy product solutions that drive complex power architectures. Our high-reliability product solutions integrate the latest in power generation, conversion and management technology to deliver smarter, more efficient grid and off-grid applications for the world’s leading energy equipment manufacturers and developers.

    Logo Progression Final

    Celebrating 25 Years

    Celestica turned 25 on January 3, 2019 – and what a quarter century it’s been. Starting with two facilities and 800 employees, Celestica has grown into a global company with over 35 sites and approximately 28,000 employees. Throughout our company’s history, we have remained focused on providing our customers with innovative new solutions and superior service. We are looking forward to the next 25 years!

    We imagine, develop and deliver a better future with our customers.